Nokia is better than rivals Samsung and Apple


Nokia is better than rivals Samsung and Apple

Where Nokia Stands

Next year will prove whether Nokia is better than rivals Samsung and Apple? There is another great attempt by the legendary mobile phone vendor Nokia to develop Smartphone for their users in competitive price. Nokia was a leading mobile phone brand in earlier 2000. Few years ago, Nokia has now tried with Android phones and people really wanted. Very adverse experience was noted when they introduced their X-series smartphones. However still at the moment, Nokia earned prominent name in the industry of mobile devices. Finnish company has maintained their reputation for years.

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Nokia’s progress can be compared with Apple and Samsung as they are continuously maintaining top positions and experiencing their next generation smartphones.

Nokia and Blackberry suffered the same luck as new users’ covert their interest to the Android world. From 2012 to 2017 Nokia and Blackberry suffered to the failure. Nokia was unable to fight as they still pursued their mission to differentiate themselves by releasing Windows Phone but it was also a failure because they were losing their interest to the customers.

Recently they have launched the new Nokia 6 smartphone which has impressive specification. Nokia will bring many smartphones in the future this year. Here are some of the reasons that why Nokia is still best to their rivals.

Nokia is a Name of Living Brand

Regardless of some failure of the brand, Nokia still preserves the respectable reputation as they had in their magnificence days. Nokia was the only brand that made human lives easy during the beginning of the century.
If someone will try to search out the Nokia on Internet, there will be many blogs and news sites having information about Nokia’s Future as the have information about Samsung and iPhone.

Expert in Design Field

Nokia is well known in its innovative, design. No doubt they always introduce new designed and new sized mobile phone to the market. Nokia knows very well how to capture user’s required design to furnish a mobile phone. Luckily it always makes stand out mobiles among others.

If someone wants to look about the success of Nokia can see the overall Lumia propaganda.As per design Nokia has glory days having a robust design mobiles. The failure was only its software as they were in contract to Microsoft.

Legendary Innovator

With overall phone design Nokia is master of camera technology and they were the innovator in introducing camera phones to the market. As in new Nokia 6 smartphone they are introducing 16 mega pixel rear camera with phase detection auto focus, dual-tone flash and an impressive f/2.0 aperture.


Nokia is always there to offer cheap prices phone with great features in contrast to its rival, Samsung and iPhone. Here its first smartphone is coming with some honorable specs in very low price. Smartphones in same specs of other companies are much expensive.

Overall discussion results that world without Nokia would be less charming. As we can say that the Nokia is the only name say it a Brand.

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