Nokia 8 Smartphone Price Facts and Rumors 


Nokia Touchscreen Phones

Nokia 8 has been discussed for its features and price in multiple forums and discussions. More of these rumor reports suggest that expected price of new Nokia 8 will be around 500 euro. ComputingCage has already highlighted some of the features of new highly elegant and stylish Nokia 8 smartphone price facts and rumors. This reduced price allows Nokia lovers would enjoy this price to have the latest smartphone from their beloved old mobile trend setter company.

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Nokia 8 Release Date

First of all, nobody knows the exact date of release. First dual camera Carl ZEISS mobile phone from the Finnish company will be equipped into new Nokia 8 and it is expected to be in the market around August 16 this year. But it is not sure when customers could be able to get as rumors have not authentic information about the release. Some expectations also suggest that new Nokia 8 will be in multiple colors including copper or gold copper, blue and black. Until February it was expected there could be the dual 23MP powerful camera but later on, this leak was rejected. Some information is still not confirmed and these are radio, battery, dimension, weight and release date.


Established about 171 years ago in 1846, Germany based Carl Zeiss is one of the famous manufacturers of the lens, binocular, telescope, and related equipment. With net income of 369 euro, Carl ZEISS provides the long list of products of the camera lens, sports optics, vision care, metrology, microscopes and fire doors.

Nokia touchscreen phones

All these will be touch screen medium to sharp display. You should also compare Nokia 3, 5, 6 to see which phone is better for what reason.

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