NAO Robot Can Dance, Sing and Play


NAO Robot Can Dance, Sing and Play

NAO Robot Can Dance, Sing and Play

NAO Robot looks one year old kid, walks like 3 years old toddler and acts like 5 year old boy. NAO talks and it really seems 8-10 years old boy. His two wide angle large cameras can cover larger area. Each foot contains four sensitive inner shoes sensors to sense balance. NAO robot has two HD cameras to sense and respond in time. NAO robot can dance, sing and play as well and lets have more detail about it.

France based Aldebaran Robotics have given the smart idea nearly in 2008 and showed good demonstration in 2010 and 2011. NAO robot has been used in education and research a lot with 5000+ units worldwide.

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NAO Robot Good Family Companion

NAO Robot is also smart to sense multiple conversations and can respond accordingly. It can also express its emotion (follows particular words) through dancing in a set pattern. It can sense a ball and kick as playing football as well. Moreover the NAO Robot can do or take order for sit down, stand up, follow me, say hello, sleep and wake up and shows anger (cry) if someone stops the robot. So it can be a good toy for your kid and good companion for your family.

NAO Robot Can Dance, Sing and Play

Technical Specification

CPU Intel Atom 1.GHz
OS Specialized Linux based
Compatible Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Languages C, C++, Java, MATLAB, Python
Sensors 2 Cameras, 4 Microphones, 2 infrared transceivers, 9 tactile sensors and 8 pressure sensors.
Height 23”
Weight 4.3kg
Connectivity WLAN, Ethernet
Uses Researches for Gait Analysis and disease disorders, human behavior, academics and many
Range 90 cm effective distance

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