Mother Robot Gives Birth

Mother Robot Rebuilds Children
Mother Robot Rebuilds Children

Robotics is the branch of Artificial Intelligence which deals with the incorporating the human capabilities into machine efficiently and precisely. Robots are giving huge amount of services to vast variety of industry including automobiles, manufacturing and many more. These scientific robots still keeps very high pace of advancement and can provide different services into many fields. Anyhow it looks really cool to read that Mother Robot Gives Birth to her kids and looks after.

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Researchers have developed a Mother robot that can give birth to its child robots that work their own and mother can monitor their performance. This mother not only builds its own kids but also tests the activities of its offsprings and also confirms the next capabilities in their futuristic kids.

Lead researcher Fumiya Iida has the view that “The mother robot can actually build hundreds of child robots and see the performance of these child robots. And if their performance is good, keep their design for the next generation.  And if bad, just let it go. After several generations, the “children” were running twice as fast. The mother robot generated 500 robots to see what one is good and which one is bad”.

Another point to note is that no human invention is involved in controlling neither mother robot nor children. Only mother robot has to turn on and it starts working very fast.

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