Microsoft custom version of Windows 10 for China


Microsoft custom version of Windows 10 for China

Microsoft Windows 10 Chinese Language Pack

China has been very conscious about its security matters while adopting the foreign software. Two years ago, China had banned the use of Microsoft Windows due to the risk of security violation and possible American surveillance. Microsoft does not want to loose big Chinese market and announced a new Microsoft custom version of Windows 10 for China. That is why CEO had announced to solve the issue through new custom version 10 with more security control features.

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Right now, China is using customized version of Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu. This is not only the case with Microsoft. Apple has given code copyrights to the Chinese Government due to the strict censorship policy by the Chinese authorities. It seems China has concerns about potential risks involved in spying and security violations.

Windows 10 China Version is ready

Microsoft has released a public statement to announce that new Windows 10 China version is ready. In an event held in Shangai, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 China Government edition is particularly developed for the Chinese use only. This operating system is built on the basis of Enterprise Edition and certain changes have been laid so that Chinese official could use it with ease.

Microsoft has allowed the Government to use its encrypted algorithm in China Edition. However, some irrelevant features will not be accessible by Chinese workers at tactical and operational levels. Local data will not be saved on big data centers of Microsoft so it provides telemetry control over the data. By default, users could not disable telemetry feature but Microsft has given this facility to the Chinese Government.

The official date of release has yet not been finalized and some Chinese authorities have shown their interest in new Windows 10 China edition.

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