Microsoft Acquired Maluuba


Microsoft Acquired Maluuba

Microsoft Bought Maluuba

Recently Microsoft acquired Maluuba. Basically Maluuba technology is an artificial intelligence based software that will focus on better understanding of human language. This Artificial Intelligence approach will lead to the Deep Learning process in relation to human computer interaction. The startup, Maluuba, was launched in 2010 by students at the University of Waterloo. Microsoft wrote in their blog post “We have recently set new milestones for speech and image recognition using deep learning techniques, and with this acquisition we are, as Wayne Gretzky would say, skating to where the puck will be next -machine reading and writing.”

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According to the plan, Microsoft will also get expertise of renowned Artificial Intelligence expert Yoshua Bengio. This Expert will work as adviser for the company. Yoshua Bengio is Professor of Computer Science and Operation Research at the University of Montreal and heads the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms. The most important thing is that he already served in this area for Maluuba.

Yoshua Bengio is famous because of his efforts on neural network and Deep Learning. Remember that neural network is a sub category under Artificial Intelligence. In neural network software mimics the activities of the neurons in the human brain. After that neural network enables to think bit like human.

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Sam Pasupalak and Kaheer Suleman are the co-founders of Maluuba. They wrote in a blog post that Microsoft's plan to modify Artificial Intelligence in this way this system could be integrated with Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana. The main focus of Maluuba is to improve ability of computer system to understand what they’re reading and natural dialog between individuals. This will result in better work like memory and getting information when they have a gap in their own knowledge.

As Microsoft said the aim behind Maluuba is clear that within a company to make a search for internal resources, workers would be able to quickly ask an AI factor to find out for which they are looking. In this concern Maluuba's machine comprehension capabilities would handle the request.

This is all happening due to the fact that artificial intelligence market is getting better worldwide in hardware and software services. I think Maluuba will enhance deep learning approach because an AI agent is there to help user.

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