Microbots in Healthcare


Microbots in HealthcareMicrobots in Healthcare

The concept to use micro robots in healthcare is not new. The word “ROBOT” was first used by the Czech writer, Karel Čapek in his play. However first electronic autonomous robots was created by William Grey Walter. Let’s see how Microbots in healthcare can have huge potential.

The idea to perform different complex tasks through some material or machine has roots in ancient Greek history of 270 BC when first mechanical organ was developed to move figures in order to make water to flow. They used knowledge of pneumatics and hydraulics at that time.

Today the science has developed to an extreme level that things are getting shorter and stronger. The idea has given by the researchers Amit Kumar et. al. with self-propelling microbots, published in Nanoscale in 2014. Microbots and Nanobots are available that are ready to service humanity with healthcare resulting in huge potential.

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Microbots in Healthcare
Microbots in Bloodstream

If medicines have been evolved then why should not technology for Microbots. The scientists have focus to create microbots that can effectively travel inside the body and deliver medicine. This might help very much to reduce the chance of complex surgery. These robots are developed using hydrogel and magnetic nano particles in order to navigate into the body. (hydrogel is a substance that absorbs water when put into water) So these hydergel based microbots are human friendly to travel into bloodstream.
The risks and side effects to use such Microbots are yet to be found and investigated.

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such nano robots and Microbots could have very huge positive impact in order to improve and maintain human health. such Microbots can be used to in surgery or bloodstream to heal many kinds of damages and to capture the sites through powerful lens.

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