King of Phone New Nokia 3310 in the Market Once Again


King of Phone New Nokia 3310 in the Market Once Again

After 17 years Nokia famous mobile phone 3310 has been introduced one more time. Nokia lovers still exist and vast community appreciated this release. Since 2005, Finnish company Nokia had successfully sold out up to 12,60,0000 mobile handsets worldwide. After 2005, Nokia stopped its production with unknown reason. Anyhow king of phone new Nokia 3310 in the market once again.

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New Nokia 3310

After Apple and Android smartphones, the market of Nokia phones decreased gradually. This downward trend triggered more when Microsoft joined hand with Nokia, although this venture produced good touchscreen smartphone but failure constituted due to Windows operating system as it was not user friendly.

Now Nokia is back again and Finnish company has loyal customers worldwide. Once again Nokia has decided atomic explosion in the smartphone market through telecom sector. In this regard, after some modification, new 3310 has been introduced with camera and slim body. This announcement was made in Mobile World Congress Barcelona.

Be informed that Nokia itself is not into mobile manufacturing. Another Finnish company HMD is manufacturing 3310 with new games, dual SIM, 2MP camera, 16MB storage, SD card and many features. The biggest feature was its long lasting battery and its standby time was 260 hours and talk time 55 hours. New 3310 has extended battery up to 744 hours which could last for one month. New 3310 would be in the market in the mid of this year at affordable price of $51.

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