iOS 10 vs. Android Nougat


iOS 10 vs. Android Nougat

Apple vs. Google

The world has witnessed two major mobile operating systems naming Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. There is no doubt that many operating systems exist but Android and iOS are now on top and more than 90% people are using them. On the other hand, 90% people are unaware from other Operating Systems as well. It is of worth importance that almost 90% people have either experience of Android and iOS or they know very well. It will be interesting to compare both platforms as iOS 10 vs. Android Nougat below.

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Google recently introduced Android Nougat (version 7.0), an upgraded version of Android OS. Features of Android Nougat can be seen in our previous articles, we published in Dec 2016.

Full Features of Android Nougat
Samsung Testing Nougat
Xperia Testing Nougat

Apple’s latest version of iOS operating system was introduced in the end of 2016 and it was iOS 10.2 and was acceptable for its previous releases.

Nougat vs. iOS 10 (App Management)

Both of these operating systems have great control over app management which allows you to switch between open apps quickly. iOS 10 OS supports running apps side-by-side on iPad and unfortunately that ability lacks on iPhone. Not so effectively with Nougat, which allows you to run apps side-by-side on Android smartphones?

Nougat vs. iOS 10 (Photo App)

Photo app got many improvements in iOS 10 because it uses machine learning to identify people and objects inside the image. Automatic slideshows and videos for your gallery is now on move in iOS, luckily Google’s Photo app has been doing for almost a year. In the concern of photo app both Android and Nougat are same.

Nougat vs. iOS 10 (VR)

As recently Apple said that they are interested in Virtual Reality and iOS 10 has yet to include any VR features. On the other hand Nougat supports platform’s daydream software. Your smartphone should compatible to daydream for this feature if you are using Nougat OS.

Nougat vs. iOS 10 (Personal Assistant)

Apple massively improved its Siri PA, the main rival of Apple seems Google and now recently we find out that Google Assistant will be on Android. Thanks to the Apple Siri that they entertained us on Mobile device many years earlier to Google. Happily Google finds out this missing thing in their Mobile OS.

Nougat vs. iOS 10 (Music App)

Music app in iOS 10 has received a huge makeover. Now it is much simplified, with an easier to navigate interface. But music app on Nougat called Play Music is better. Because of the fact Play Music is built for streaming and individually downloads songs, meaning Google cares about music fans no matter how and where from they get their tunes.

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