Introduction to Use Case


An Introduction to Use Case

Use Case is one of the most effective tools used in designing and modeling visuals. These visuals are ultimate solution of various problems in pictorial form.  These are important part of UML (Unified Modeling Language) normally used in disciplines such as Software Engineering in requirement analysis.

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Advantages of Use Case

  1. Use Case provides the context for each specific line item requirement, a specific context that is very hard to get anywhere else.
  2. It provides a framework for understanding all detail about the little, niggling things that somehow take up 80% of the development time and budget.
  3. It provides a look ahead mechanism, so the stakeholders can spot issues that are likely to take a long time to get answers for.
  4. The scenario fragments provide answers to the many detailed, often tricky and ignored business questions: “What are we supposed to do in this case?” It is a documentation framework that matches the if…then…else statement that helps the programmers think through issues. Except it is done at investigation time, not programming time.
  5. The full use case set shows that the investigators have thought through every user’s needs, every goal they have with respect to the system, and every business variant involved.

   [Thanks to Wikipedia]

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