Internet is Safe or not


Internet is Safe or not

Internet is Safe or not?

Internet Security is the user’s online safety knowledge. Now we can not do without our laptops and smartphones, which helps us get online. Unfortunately, our life now does not exist without the Internet. The situation is even more important when children have access to all the online facilities. Children can use social media, shop online and visit everyone’s website. Where can it be easier to have some online internet in our lives? Is also unnecessary issues such as; malware, spam, and embarrassing. There might come a question whether the Internet is Safe or not? Let us talk a little about this niche topic.

comodo Internet Security

Comodo is the global leader to provide solutions for Internet Security. Basically, Comodo SSL certificates provide secure tunnel at affordable price range. U.S based cybersecurity company Comodo is dedicated to providing security solutions at enterprise levels.

The concept of Internet security came for the first time when Internet has started to communicate. Many initiatives were taken in past.

Secondly, Ordered the CIPA Children’s Assembly in 2000 to restrict children’s access to nasty or smelly online drugs. This broad law sets out many office standards, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Which controls others to redeem programs for schools and libraries using low-fee electronic programs. Finally, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) succeeded in 2000. The law contacted the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Which set rules to control personal information from PCs to children

Children are more prone

Secondly, according to the Internet Crime Report 2012, the FBI complained about the Internet crimes on May 14, 2013. About the FBI, the National Center for White Collar Crime and the Justice Aid Bureau (ISA) received 289,874 networks that year protest of crime.

As Parental control should guide the child. How to use social media? How to secure from social media? The use of social media guides is paramount to children. They do not know how to use social media. Many children admit that they do not believe online abusive remarks like it says. It hurts this language is called a cyber threat. Cyberbullying can lead to depression and mental torture. Many children face harassment online. In some cases. Children commit suicide because they can not cope. When harassed, children will not report to their parents. 80% of kids own smartphones time-consuming laptops. Research and social media goals. If your child is having trouble harassing online. Encourage them to take a screenshot and tell their parents what to do. Children are hard to do. But the right words and guidance help to get out of the shackles of parents.

Social media contributing much

If the FTC is “a bit of a clue” like a school you or your team’s name is enough to let the Predator know your personality. Do not tell your real name, username, password, and profile in the place where you live. Do not provide your information to unknown users who help you search. Although you should not tell your name and the old man or woman in your park where you live. Predators always try to find out your username, password, different strategies and other information about the problem. If the user does not know the username and password. Of your Facebook or other social media. Then you can send an image or status that shame on you. Social media accounts also have basic information. Always keep your name and password private.

Inappropriate Content

Moreover, The Internet is relatively new full of illicit and obnoxious substances. But on the other hand, is also filled with simple victims of sexual harassment. There are several examples of pedophiles that kids are using to access and webcams. Harassing them before the meeting and dealing with them.

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