Intelligent Robotic Arm for disabled


Intelligent Robotic Arm for disabled

Intelligent System

Intelligent systems are providing huge benefits from toy to airplanes. Smart boards have triggered the invention of new smart devices that can effectively work for different purposes. These purposes include health, education, adventure, home appliances, travel and even cooking. British New Castle University has taken the lead and designed a new type of intelligent robotic arm based on Artificial Intelligence. Experts from Biomedical Engineering have contributed this invention which senses through sensors and the camera and effectively detects the stuff in front. Furthermore, it has the capability to grip the item accordingly. Very few intelligent robotic arms have the tendency to sense and respond autonomously. This invention is related to the deep learning computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This Intelligent Robotic Arm for disabled people can contribute hugely for the service of special people.

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Traditionally such robotic arm senses and responds according to the desired patterns. They see the item, sense the situation and act to grip the item and function. Such arm worn arms need instructions from the user and wait to respond. But this robotic arm can not only sense the surroundings effectively but also which item is worth touching. It detects the item is needed to touch or grip.

Who can get benefits

Of course, disabled persons can take huge advantages from the robotic arm. This arm has been successfully tested on different subjects and produced good feedback. Old people with limited mobility, patients suffering from arm movement disorders and few children can get benefits from it. This intelligent arm can distinguish between remote and cup. It can also grip between its two fingers like a human. This project is funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. This intelligent robotic arm is named as bionic arm and stimulate the muscles in the arm to trigger movement.

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