Intel Curie 90 Minutes Sportswear Shoes are made by XIAOMI


Intel Curie 90 Minutes Sportswear Shoes are made by XIAOMI

Intel Curie Shoes

Chinese XIAOMI has introduced first time smart 90 minutes sportswear shoes with unique features using Intel Curie chip. However company has introduced smart shoes previously in 2015 and this time shoes are integrated with Intel chipset. If person walks using these shoes, many type of gait analysis can be performed. The data collected can be implemented to design new device for different purposes. These shoes can be used for measuring stride length, walking patterns, slow or fast gait and even shaky or reduced walking styles. These data could be used further to investigate the techniques to control walk related disorders. Intel Curie 90 Minutes Sportswear Shoes are made by XIAOMI.

90 Minutes Sportswear

Intel Curie equipped smart shoes could be used effectively for many purposes. Lowe powered Curie chip is a small button sized electronic chip module and could be utilized into different wearable devices. The chip could be experimented into different student related projects.

Create your next project or product on the Intel® Curie™ module, now integrated with Zephyr Project*, an open source, real-time OS.Intel wrote in its blog.

Curie chip is actually a tiny computer that can be used for health related activities. The battery can stay alive up to 60 days. The 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear could measure walk speed, distance and calories consumed. Very good and comfortable material is used inside the shoes that anti slippery and anti germs somehow. Black and blue colors are available in the market with price tag of 300 Yuan in China.

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