Intel Car Technology Investing $250 Million on Self Driving Vehicles


Intel Car Technology Investing $250 Million on Self Driving Vehicles

 Intel Investing on Self Driving Vehicles

It is really a matter of importance that Intel Car Technology Investing $250 Million on Self Driving Vehicles. Intel‘s CEO Brain karzanich said in Los Angeles Auto show that they are ready to invest 250$ million in self driving cars. He made his speech on LA Auto show’s yesterday. Intel‘s CEO said that company will spend this investment over next two years. Intel wants to put their business in purely autonomous vehicles. Many researchers said that Intel has made this decision after getting impression from

Google Self Driving Car

Google‘s Self Driving Vehicles are almost one the road. By estimating the money we can assume that Intel wants to play major role in auto-mobile industry. Intel has an important role in computer chip manufacturing and are now very serious in auto-mobiles and money they are going to invest is a clear sign of their success.

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A notable thing is this, that like Google, Intel will not introduce their own platform for auto-mobile construction. The process of  auto vehicle building is not easy and inexpensive, a lot of money required for this. Intel self driving car technology will firstly make sure that what will happen in technology that powers as self-driving car than will work on building the cars itself.

Intel Car Technology Investing $250 Million on Self Driving Vehicles
Infiniti LE Concept

Intel wants to be the only company that processes data powering the self-driving vehicles manufactured by different auto-mobile vendors. Previously a German automaker was said that they are going to make partnership with Intel to introduce fully automated vehicles. German Automaker also said they will put Mobileye in their contract which are the suppliers of driver assistant system and sensors. Mobileye have a major role in auto industry. In a statement Intel explained that the investment they are going to spend on auto-mobiles will cover the boundaries of communication, connectivity, security and deep learning of next generation. According to German automaker they will put their self-driving cars in market by 2021.

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Intel’s department of self driving vehicles is interacting first time with driver-less vehicles so they are not familiar to the software, while they are already working in internet of things (IoT), machine learning and also in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Intel‘s CEO said that we have to work for data deluge because a single car will use 4000 GB data per day as it is depending on self driving technology including different sensors and cameras. Data is new form of oil as CEO said, one autonomous vehicle will produce as much data in a day as about 3,000 people can produce. If 1 million autonomous vehicles are on the road, that’s the amount of data produced by 3 billion people per day.

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