Input devices List in a Computer


Input Devices For Computer:

These are used to put data and instructions into the computer.The most common input device for  is the keyboard and mouse

input devices

List of Input  devices

  1. keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. Trackball
  4. Joystick
  5. Image Scanner
  6. Touch Pad
  7. Touch screen
  8. Pointing the stick
  9. Vocal system
  10. Keyboar


This is the most commonly used input device available atleast on almost any computer.He has a series of buttons that look like typewriters.each key has a letter, a number, a symbol or a word.Whenever the user presses the required key so that the special code is added to the keyboard buffer.


Mouse is a portable device that moves on the desktop or on the mouse pad.

Since It has a ball underneath, usually two or more buttons at the top of the

This causes the ball to move as the mouse moves.


The joystick consists of a base and a stick. Whenever You can move the wand in any direction to move the object on the computer screen. While joystick can perform similar functions on the mouse. While it is often considered less comfortable and effective.


Touch screen refers to the display screen that receives the input of the Finger key.

Because of screen is covered with plastic layers.

While Has an invisible infrared beam behind the screen.

Whenever Users enter data by touching the icon or menu on the screen

In short Most touch screen computers use sensors to detect the touch of a finger.

Is used for ATMs, department stores and supermarkets.


In fact this is a device that is very similar in style to the microphone you use on the stage.

It is designed for that users.That do not have to hold it while he / she is speaking.


Trackball is used as a substitute for the mouse.

Button of this device is similar to the mouse.

He has a big spinning ball at the top of the

The body of the trackball

In fact does not move.

In fact ball  move with your fingers.


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