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Improve Life Using Technology

Improve Life Using Technology

These days smart devices have become almost integral part of our life. These devices are designed to make human life easier. Improve life using technology. Here are presented some of the latest technologies that are helpful for the vast community.

  1. Voice Assistant

This technology is helpful to hear someone’s voice across room even while loud music. It shows Voice Assistant is helpful in speech recognition. Voice assist technologies were probably released before time. Developers have made it better and the consensus is that the Amazon Echo is one that is really working. So you can hire them to work for only the hours or tasks that you need them for.

Improve Life Using Technology

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  1. Wireless charging

Wireless charging offers you to not put your devices on wall socket. Wireless charging also offers you the facility of Quick Charging. It saves your time as you can use your smart device while it is on charging. You just have to put your device over the charging pad. In Wireless Charging with built-in charging spots, makes it possible to power up your smartphone or smart device without messy cables.

Improve Life Using Technology

  1. Medical Alert Watch

Recently Apple has released watch OS3 with built-in medical alert functionality. By pressing SOS button, the patient may acquire quick reply from care provider. After call the watch will automatically send a map as a message to a user’s emergency contacts so they know where their loved one is. Medical ID of a patient can also be added into the watch. Medical ID included a patient data including disease information as well.

Improve Life Using Technology

  1. Smart footwear

DigitSole has manufactured smart footwear for daily use. This footwear is completely designed according to market standard. Smart footwear shape can adjust according to feet. This footwear senses a run as you move beyond walking speed and begins to track your stride. All data can be uploaded to your smartphone via Bluetooth by using a companion App.

Improve Life Using Technology

  1. Smarter Socks

Smarter socks are equipped with RFID chips that help users sort them after washing, to know how warn it is and can control your socks inventory via your iPhone. The socks work with near-field communication gadget called a Sock-Sorter, which connects to an iPhone over Bluetooth. You scan one sock, and then scan your heap of all-black socks to locate its mate. When it finds one, your iPhone will beep.

Improve Life Using Technology


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