If you want to purchase new mobile then must read it


If you want to purchase new mobile then must read it
Apple has introduced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last year. Both have some of extra ordinary features with some defects. It doesn’t have wireless charging system or some other features that other medium-to-excellent smartphones have. If you want to purchase new mobile then must read it.

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Wireless Charging

Samsung, LG, Motorola, Microsoft even Blackberry have introduced built in wireless system. The partner of Apple “foxconn” has said to test wireless charging modules in upcoming smartphones this year.

Quickly Charging

Higher power charger is for more compatible to charge a smartphone quickly instead of USB charger. Google’s newly launched “pixels” phone can be used for seven hours after charging for just fifteen minutes. Even Samsung devices have this feature.

Always on Display

This display keep on feature of Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge to see has enabled us to watch time and date. Motorola’s moto display shows notification even on our little focus.

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Two SIM Cards

Takes advisers have issued a list of twenty best phones that have dual SIM feature in 2016 in brighten including Samsung Galaxy A7.

Be Customized

Apple is not open source software that means interface is locked in their IOS operating system. According to Mac World phones other them Apple are capable to change Android interface, install windows in home screen, change default apps and delete unwanted apps.

Extended Memory

You cannot escape for Safari browser on iPhone 7. If you are using any other browser such as Chrome, then IOS 10 will take you to Safari browser when you click on any web link.

3D mapping

Lenovo launched Phab2 Pro in January last year. The 6.4 inch smartphone was first commercial device under Google project “Tango 3D mapping”. Tango device track thing and put 3D effects in it.

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