Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol – An Introduction

Hypertext transfer protocol describes a set of rules for transmitting files such as text, video, audio, graphics etc. on the Internet through websites. It defines how data is formatted and transferred, and what actions web browser and server should take in response to various commands. This is a stateless protocol.

What are the latest trends in HTTP?

First, GP (Gopher Protocol) was displaced by HTTP in the early 1990s. HTTP is used by WWW global information in late 1990s. The first version of HTTP brings new changes. It makes a new connection at every client request. This version of HTTP has rare trend in the world of protocol. It is with simple caching mechanism. This version contains content encoding header for end to end content encoding messages.

IP is The Backbone of Internet

The new trend become in HTTP was HTTP/1.1. It uses same connection for multiple times for many other resource requests. This introduced a new trend of transmission with a single TCP connection. It makes TCP connect which delivers reliable transmission. URI scheme used by this version is http.

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The trends of HTTP changed with the passage of time. In 1999-06, the HTTP Extension Framework was in HTTP trend. This protocol is an extension mechanism for HTTP. The Multiplexing Protocol (MUX) introduced asynchronous messaging at a layer below HTTP. HTTP-New Generation Protocol came for renew the basic protocol architecture.

HTTP/2.0 has a latest trend in HTTP. This version adds more features to the HTTP. It overcomes the shortcomings of previous version i. e HTTP/1.1. These were weaknesses of HTTP/1.1:

  • One request could process at same time.
  • Because of single processing, the client makes HTTP connection to the server to reduce the overload time.
  • The network resources were not effectively used.

It provides an optimized transport for HTTP semantic. It is running on top of a TCP connection. The URI schemes using by HTTP/2.0 is “http”. HTTP /2.0 involves in using of transport, message, security and framing semantics. Many websites are using this version including:

  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Tennis etc.

This chart is showing latest trend of HTTP/2 and statistics in percentages. This shows popularity of HTTP version.

HTTP 2 is currently not being used as it is early released. As new technologies will be introduced, there will definitely be new features added in functionality of HTTP. This will bring a great change in the Web world.

HTTP is very important for WWW and It consists of many protocols which help in effective Transmission of data over Internet.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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