HP Laptops found latest malware threats


HP Laptops found latest malware threats

HP Keylogger

Computer systems are always vulnerable to potential attacks from the unknown sources. These computer systems may include robots, mini chips (raspberry pi), electronic devices, mobile phones and large computing devices. Vulnerable means every software has some software bugs or holes where attackers may exploit. These software bugs are of diversified kinds depending upon the functionality of the software but online software is becoming more prone to attack. Known sources of attacks mean any intruder, outside attacker or a software bug may behave as the risk that can lead to altering the normal sequence of execution of a program. All these are related to the computer security in general and software security in particular. Today ComputingCage would discuss the fact that HP laptops have found latest malware threats.

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It is obvious to understand the fact that similar kinds of attacks which were used by the attackers are already there in some computer such as HP laptops have different models that possess built in the keylogger. Normally key loggers are used by potential hackers to note every keystroke that could be exploited. Moreover, the record is kept in nonsecure files that can easily be accessed.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology

JTAIT has the view that malicious software is one of the major threats faced by the Internet community. Such programss are somehow designed to unauthorized access and other targeted behavior. Malware from their early designs which were just for propagation has now developed into more advanced form, stealing sensitive and private information.

Swiss security company ModZero has discovered this software security hole. It is also believed that such risk of software bugs would be present in some HP models released during 2015-16. Some of the models are listed below:

  • EliteBook
  • ProBook
  • ZBook

You need Malwarebytes free laptops

Now how to avoid such attacks, try to consult some experts in the field and always demand Malwarebytes free laptops. What is key logger? Key Logger in HP laptops uses the audio drive to see which button was pressed to control the voice. Moreover, this information is kept in a simple text file which is not encrypted at all. Security experts criticize why such design was implemented with potential security hole.

It is true that such nonencrypted text files are auto deleted but hackers may restore such data files. Experts from ModZero believe that it is not by policy, it seems it is, in fact, software design error that should be fixed in time. The HP team has the view that they know this fact and soon they will fix this issue as they are comitted to its customer security and data integrity.


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