How to shoot on iPhone 7 complete tips


How to shoot on iPhone 7 complete tips

You may turn iPhone into professional camera

Thanks to the innovation in the smartphone camera that people are no longer worried to buy a professional expensive camera. It is perhaps due to the increased competition in the mobile phone camera, that people are in a better position to shoot best photos for their memories. Every great smartphone possesses a good quality camera and it has become an integral part of the mobile phone. Apple has published photography tips on its official blog and you may learn different photography styles on the website. You may click How to shoot on iPhone 7 on your browser.

American Academy of Ophthalmology has published a scientific paper that suggests new innovations do not come without risks. However, the issue of photobiological safety of smartphone fundoscopy in human eyes has not been addressed with care.

iPhone 8 will have 3D camera

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Some facts about dual camera phone

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Apple official blog contains photography tips under different categories and it is recommendable to have a glimpse at the tips by immature photographers. These photography tips are related to the following categories:

  • Great Portrait
  • Play Memories
  • Customizable Memories
  • Close-up
  • Vertical Pano
  • Action
  • Without a Flash
  • Selfie with Timer
  • Black n White
  • Unique Angle
  • Shoot with Zoom
  • Shoot the Horizon
  • Shoot Still while Filming
  • Shoot with Street Light
  • Bold and Simple Image
  • During Golden Hour
  • One Handed Selfie
  • Sunset Silhouette
  • Intimate Moment
  • Group Portrait
  • Backlit Subject

Every category opens into video tutorial with possible tips and step. These tutorial videos are for very short duration and to the point to capture a great photo.

See the complete photography tips here: iPhone Photography Tips

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