How to Evaluate Productivity with WorkExaminer in 2021?

Measuring the productivity of the employees is the greatest challenge of work from home.   With the fear of pandemic still in the minds of the people, companies are now rethinking about continuing plans for work from home.  There have been mixed reports of individuals compressed into three months during the pandemic. Corporates are making the right moves when it comes to investing in technology related software that would enable them to keep a track on evaluating productivity of their employees.

It has been established that motivating the staff is one of the most important factors when it comes to driving employee satisfaction and productivity.  Let us now understand how remote desk enables time tracking and uses artificial intelligence to monitor employee productivity.

The Remote desk works in close coordination with varied departments among the company.  Be it the HR department, legal, finance or any other compliance departments, the software is such that it understands the specific requirements of the employees and creates a similar remote office working experience.

The monitoring software for employees enables the organization to evaluate the billable and non-billable hours and businesses are now trusting this application which enables them to boost the morale of the employees, thereby increasing the employee productivity.  It is now possible to work from any part of the globe without compromising on one’s productivity.  The Remote Desk enables the employers to keep a track of the employee productivity and also enables them to access the weekly, daily and monthly activity reports of every employee.  This tool also enables them to record the hours that employees spend on OTT platforms, restricted websites, shopping sites and other social media platforms. URL tracking is possible with the help of this software.  It is easier to monitor the times that the remote agent takes breaks, leaves the session for some work and also helps in restricting the time they take when it comes to using their mobile phones. Keystroke monitoring is yet another great feature of the tool and it enables companies to identify any deliberate key loggers or even malicious loggers.

In one way, the Remote Desk software helps easy configuration and navigation, be it in any particular job department thereby making the entire employee monitoring procedure workable as well as flexible.  Last but not the least, with such a helpful software tool that helps in monitoring the employees, the companies are surely going to benefit and profit even in a virtual working environment.

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