Google’s next Turn is Artificial Intelligence Based Messaging Service


Google's AI Based Messaging ServiceLast week, Google Reported that company is working to attempt a new messaging service based on Artificial Intelligence. This Artificial Intelligence Based Messaging Service is on the way to compete Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger, according to the Wall Street Journal. We can’t say it rumor, because the company is working Artificial Intelligence Based Messaging Service for a year. Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat, Viber and other chatting Apps have revealed a great effect on the Mobile PlateForm. According to the Wall Street Journal’s report  Google Have plan to Integrate Chatbots. These Chatbots will be helpful to answer the User queries in messaging app. The idea is to submit the answer of a conversation without having to end that conversation at any point. The user will always be engaged in open Conversion.


Scott Stanford  Co-founder of venture-capital firm Sherpa Capital said, “All users care about is a convenient way to find what they are looking for and if Google isn’t in front of the consumer that is a problem for them”. “Messaging is a subset of the Internet where Google is not strong. They have to win and be the dominant player in messaging,” in the report.


In the past Google has tried many times for the reinvent messaging, email, and social networking, including  Google+, Google Wave, Google Buzz, Google Messenger, and Google Hangouts, but failed. Later, Hangouts appears on the same platform that brought some awesome features of voice and video calling. use Artificial Intelligence techniques in its answering process. When a user asks it for a recmended restaurant, the app replies based on what it knows about a user.“We show you a steakhouse and Intelligence Based Messaging Service you say, ‘No, I’m vegetarian,’ and the system remembers and doesn’t recommend meat restaurants” next time, said by Zhenya Kuyda, chief executive at

Now Google’s Artificial Intelligence Based Messaging Service  will be similar as

The company has completed research for Artificial Intelligence Based Messaging Service. Researchers announce that Google has already built a Chatbot that will now learn discussion with humans by movies dialogue. A rememberable thing is that basic conversations are already allowed in  the Company’s Search Engine. Now people are talking that Google will take all the capabilities for Artificial Intelligence Based Messaging Service.  Yet the company has not announced about the name and about launching date.

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