Google will filter false news


Google will filter false news

The search engine giant Google introduced fact checking tag in order to find the fact about the news. In this way, Google will filter false news. Fake news is common in the world of Internet and it is a really cheap source of publicity. People do this for various purposes including earning money, short cut progress, defame people and many others. That is why Google has introduced new fact-finding tag so that authentic news can be filtered from rumors.

“From our perspective, there should just be no situation where fake news gets distributed, so we are all for doing better here," Google Chief Executive Officer commented.

Google would likely to work with two other companies in this project and Google has already introduced an extension for Google Chrome. Fact checking tag will be shown in breaking news and results of browsing, not everywhere. Google will not be finalizing the fact-finding results itself, rather it will seek the opinion from the experts. It will help to verify authenticity in order to reach the actual and factual report.

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The previous year, google has introduced this feature in UK and America only. Now it will be released all over the world. Nearly 37 French and other companies related to generalism have joined hand with Google in the month of February in the project Cross Check. The main objective was to monitor rumors and wrong reporting during the presidential election of France.

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