Google Plans 1000 Satellites for Global Internet


Google Plans 1000 Satellites for Global Internet

Google Global Internet

Google Plans 1000 Satellites for Global Internet. Recently it has been witnessed that CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wants to spread Internet all over the world. The social media giant and technical team are currently testing different related technologies in order provide Internet access WiFi in India. Mark Zuckerberg wants India to get faster Internet connectivity in the rural areas.
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In the race of faster Internet connectivity Google has also joined, as per news. In many countries like U.S Google is already offering free Internet access at different railway stations and metro stations. Taking steps further, Google now wants to cover the whole world in free Internet availability. ComputingCage has already posted an article on newly introduced wireless connection when Google announced Fiber Internet. No doubt it is not possible to put internet wires everywhere, so Google Fiber network is the best choice.

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Google Loon project is also a part of this series. To get detail about Google Loon Project visit our previous Article on Google.
Detail of Project

Google is now building a collection of multiple satellites to move along specified lines across the earth. These satellites will provide faster connectivity over Internet. This modern method of connectivity will be more efficient than older. According to Google’s plan the collection of satellites will have two layers, geostationary and non-geostationary satellites. Every layer will have unique purpose and inclination angle on earth’s equator.

Google will probably launch 1000 Satellites in different geographical locations. These satellites will be a part of military operations, and researches. These satellites will be the core of Internet connectivity.
The agreement of Google’s patent was filled on September 2014 but Google published on Jan 5, 2017.

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