Google Offers Pakistan to Digitize Economy


Google Offers Pakistan to Digitize Economy

Google and Pakistan

Google offers Pakistan to digitize economy. This seems golden opportunity for Pakistan to digitize its economy and it will be highly beneficial not only for country but also more for people. The country citizens are looking for digital system for economy, payment and purchase throughout the country since decades. Many ordinary countries with low income have digital access to various resources. There is an urgent need to be digital for ePayment, eCommerce and eTrade.

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Recently top search engine giant Google has offered Pakistani officials for sincere collaboration to digitize economy. This is the demand of time and new world has already been getting modern benefits since long ago. Pakistan is country of 190 million people and they really need digital economy as ordinary people are suffering many difficulties. Last Thursday, Google director An Leon met with Minister for Treasure and showed its deep interest on the project. The minister had the positive views that Google should make initial plan in order to make bridge between South Asia and China for public policy and relations. The Minister further elaborated that Government would ponder with all stakeholders in this matter.

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Be informed that team of volunteers from Lahore have mapped the whole city within 24 hours, this shows keen interest of people in the project. There is again need of Government official to step positive to insure digital economy with ICT in the country.

There is tons of youth talent and it is right time to exploit it with ICT in the country. Pakistan global IT share is only $2.8 billion (out of $3.2 trillion global market). There is not positive government policy over IT as freelance market is number third after US and India.

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