Google G Board is there to help you


Google G Board is there to help you

Recently Google has updated its Android keyboard introducing new search feature. With the help of this Google icon, whenever you will open Android keyboard, you will see it to search weather, news and other important stuff along with SMS. Whenever you will be communicating with anyone, you will see G Icon. Due to this new feature, Google keyboard may also be called G Board. So Google G Board is there to help you in many positive matters.

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G Board

Chatting becomes simple and convenient with this G button. For example if you want to send a photo with laughter or emoticon, you may not need to open browser and search emoticon there. You simply hit the G Icon and search your required item.

As we use emoticons during conversation, so this smart button recognizes emoticons. For example if you search with word boring, you will have related emoticon there. If you want to send smiley emoticon you can do so. Due to this feature, Android keyboard is now called G Board.

Although it is useful features yet some people do not like it and want to remove from keyboard. You may also remove G Icon easily and can get it back whenever you need it.

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