Google Chrome will block anonymous ads


Google Chrome will block anonymous ads

Google will block irritating ads in 2018

Chrome store possesses Adblock add-on originally developed by Sources have confirmed that Google will likely to include adblocker in Chrome from next year. It is the requirement to be filled by the Google in order to block anonymous ads. Google is working to design adblocker in close with collaboration with other companies of ad publishers, advertisers, and technology companies. The basic aim seems to stop unnecessary ads. If you analyze closely, this initiative looks opposite to the Google Advertising policy. It is now clear that Google Chrome will block anonymous ads in 2018.

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Google Adblocker

The senior president in the department of Advertisement and Commerce has written in his blog that people have to face anonymous and painful ads. Such ads include sudden music, video playback or autorun ad for few seconds. Frustrated by such unnecessary ads, users normally block all the ads whether they may need some of them. So good content is also blocked. You might need to know about latest news or similar materials. The victims might be developers, journalists, and other artists. Some features might include stopping unnecessary pop-ups.

Google Chrome ad blocker

Google would likely to block only those irritating ads that are meant for cheap publicity. Google hopes to provide the browser with good environment. Google would not affect its business model as nearly 86% of earning comes from the advertisement. That is why Google will never wish all ads be blocked by the end users. Studies show every 1 out of 4 uses some kind of ad blocker.

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Google’s own ads are good and are usually related to the search results that is why people like these ads too. Such ads fall under the approved list of ads by the Google. The giant Internet company Google would like to block those ads that will not fulfill the standards set by Better Ads in 2018.

Research Paradigm

It is true that a lot of research work has been conducted on Google Chrome browser security. USENIX Security Symposium has published an article that suggests that vulnerabilities in browser extensions put users at risk by providing a way attackers to gain access to users’ private data and credentials. In 2009, Google Chrome introduced a new extension platform with several features intended to prevent and mitigate extension vulnerabilities: strong isolation between websites and extensions, privilege separation within an extension, and an extension permission system. We performed a security review of 100 Chrome extensions and found 70 vulnerabilities across 40 extensions.

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