Google blocked 1.7 billion fake ads last year


Google blocked 1.7 billion fake ads last year

Google Blocked Ads

Recently Google blocked 1.7 billion fake ads last year in 2016. These adds were blocked because of having malware or forcibly redirecting users to app stores. The amount of blocked adds was double than the number it flagged in 2015. Today the Google published its update on how its fighting bad ads on network, and explained that in 2016 it took down 1.7 billion ads that violated its policies.

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According to the report Google blocked ads from following categories:

80 million deceptive ads
112 million malware ads
68 million ads for unapproved pharmaceuticals
7 million deliberately tried to foil Google’s detection system
23,000 mobile ads that automatically redirected to app store

Google continued system updates to be able to stop bad ads in some effective ways. A user click to ads it appear as system error notifications to protect users to download malware. In the efforts of removing bad ads in 2016 it was included detecting more “self-clicking ads” on mobile phones. Google said it blocked more than 23,000 of mobile ads in 2016. if we compare the number of mobile ads to the the year 2015 it was just a few thousand.
In 2016 Google changed the policies in terms of how it is been tracking ads that are fake or having malware. Google introduced new policy in July to cut off payday loan ads. In this discipline five million ads being removed from its network.

Google Said in an address “While we took down more bad ads in 2016 than ever before, the battle doesn’t end here.” Moreover they said “As we invest in better detection, the scammers invest in more elaborate attempts to trick our systems. Continuing to find and fight them is essential for creating a sustainable, open web from which we all enjoy.”

Google Do not need to worry about losing revenue when it tells people to play by their rules because they will get massive scale of trusted users.

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