Galaxy Note 7 Better than iPhone 7 Plus


Galaxy Note 7 Better than iPhone 7 Plus

Galaxy Note 7 Better than iPhone 7 Plus

A week ago Apple introduced its latest smartphones, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Tim Cook was very happy to call this flagship a next generation smartphone. But now question is: if this smartphone will beat other phones and capture market share?. I have compared iPhone 7 Plus with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and found the fact that Galaxy Note 7 better than iPhone 7 Plus.

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12 Reasons That Galaxy Note 7 Better than iPhone 7 Plus

Here are 12 reasons that will show you to buy Note7 instead of iPhone 7 Plus.

1. Display

iPhone Display is always less then high-end Samsung smartphones. No doubt that iPhone display with resolution of 1920 X 1880 looks great and feels no complaint from customer side but Note 7 has best display in smartphone valley. However iPhone 7 Plus is different from Note 7 but tough to beat the experience of having sides with no screen bezel.

2. Stylus

Galaxy Note 7 keeps high-end stylus-operated smartphone in market. Stylus offers thousands levels of pressure sensitivity and numerous shortcuts. On the other hand Apple still have no Stylus to operate iPhone 7 Plus. A little bit Apple Pencil may work

3. Water Resistance

Apple finally adopts the Samsung behavior to provide its customers a water resistance smartphone. iPhone 7 Plus used IP67 water resistance technique but Galaxy Note 7 uses IP68 the ability for extended immersion in deeper water.

4. Pay System

Apple provides its users a great wireless payment system that is continuously leading financial system. On the other hand Samsung Pay works all around where magnetic strip reader is used.

5. Wireless charging

Samsung is very first to include wireless charging for fast charging technology. You can leave you Note 7 smartphone down without fumbling for cables. According to rumors iPhone will include fast charging in upcoming model in 2017.

6. Fast Charging

As Apple introduced its next generation smartphone last week, the only thing they missed that they should also include technology to charge up the iPhone at a fast rate. Most new smartphones as Note 7 included fast charging technology that helps to charge up in a short period of time.

7. Battery

According to Apple, iPhone 7 Plus has the most powerful iPhone battery yet, with 2900mAh measurement. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a 3500mAh battery, mean more powerful battery than iPhone.

8. VR Headset

Samsung has released a new Gear VR headset to connect to the Galaxy Note 7 via USB-C port, with games available through the Oculus store. Apple pushed new gaming capability during its speech launching iPhone 7 Plus, but has yet to touch VR.

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9. Headphone

Apple was happy to remove headphone jack but that was only to sell new headphone accessories (air pod). Wireless headphones don’t offer the volume and clarity of wired headphones. Headphone jack allows you to connect with handset and allows customize setting for music.

10. microSD card

Apple continues to increase ROM capacity on iPhone but Samsung in always first to allow a smartphone to use microSD card for ROM storage as well as external use. Note 7 was introduced in 64 GB ROM with additional MicroSD card to expand storage capacity.

11. Camera

Apple always provides batter camera smartphone to its customers. However Note 7 can survive against iPhone 7 Plus. The Note 7 packs exactly the same camera as in Galaxy S 7, 12-megapixel unit with phase detection, Dual Pixels, OIS, an f/1.7 lens, and a 1/2.6-inch sensor.

12. Iris scanner

The Note 7 has another bio-metric security measure: iris scanning. Perhaps Apple will use iris technology in its upcoming models. Iris makes you easy to unlock your smartphone in just a simple look.

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