Free Keyloggers for Windows 10


Free Keyloggers for Windows 10

Best Keyloggers or key-trackers

With the increased use of Internet, the demand for Internet and system security has increased tremendously. Cyber attacks in different parts of the world have also shown security concerns damaging crucial infrastructures. Here can be quoted tens of example of cyber security attacks including US Elections, attacks on Saudia oil companies and Do Not Cry ransomware etc. Among these security paradigms, keyloggers and especially remote keyloggers are another risks associated with the attack on integrity. Today ComputingCage would present some of the best free and paid Soft activity Keyloggers that can steal important information and propose some measures to keep secure from such violations. Nearly all keyloggers are meant to capture keystrokes or keep track of typing patterns somehow. Let us have a look at some of the free keyloggers for Windows 10 below.

HP Laptops with Built-in Keylogger

Hackers can know which key is pressed

Free Keyloggers for Windows 10

Most of the keyloggers for Windows 10 are paid that possesses advanced functionalities. Somehow there are some free keyloggers for Windows 10 as described below.

  1. Keylogger HeavenWard 

A free keylogger for Windows 10, XP and Vista is available to provide excellent features of simple, intuitive and professional interface for monitoring and recording keystrokes on your PC and Internet activities.

2. Actual Keylogger

Actual Keylogger monitors every keystroke activity on your computer. You may discover what others in your office are meant to do behind you. It can keep track of all activities of opening and closing of programs, mouse activities, Internet usage and so on.

3. Spyrix Keylogger

Another spy keystroke tracker to capture screenshots, key buttons and browsing activities on your PC. It can also maintain a report about your programs that are running. It hides from antivirus for voice and video surveillance and can track remotely.

4. Kidlogger Free

Parents are always worried about their kids’ Internet activities. So Kidlogger provides parental control in your hand in order to keep your children safe online fraud and pornography. Kidlogger can keep track of phone calling and Internet monitoring in automatic diary through GPS. For your convenience, it can set to capture screenshots, history and time recorder, text conversation monitoring and even voice monitoring.

5. Revealer Keylogger Free is

Revealer Keylogger is another combination of excellent features to record chat conversation, keystrokes, and screenshots for Windows. It can hide from users, and protect access with a password. Revealer can provide the ideal environment for conversation monitoring and all these features are free under one software. So of these advanced features will be available in the paid version.

6. FreeKeylogger

As the name suggests, it is absolutely FREE, easy to install and run, and works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Keystroke logging works in any language your computer supports and lets you capture text typed in any application or web page.

7. Refog Free Keylogger

It keeps invisible itself and works perfectly to record keystrokes. Moreover, it can capture screen but it lacks remote monitoring via email.

8. DanuSoft Free Keylogger

Comparatively fewer downloads for DanusSoft free keylogger as compared to some other keyloggers and the ranking of DanuSoft keylogger is increasing rapidly. By simply clicking on the “HIDEKEY”, you could hide the Keylogger. On the other hand if you want to show it, simply tapping “SHOWKEY” will do the work for you.

9. Real Free Keylogger

Another free version is available to keep track of all online and offline activities of your PC for Windows 10. You may login to view the activities and it can be transferred through the Internet. Real Free Keyloggers provides password protected environment so that nobody can view your activities and only you can view them.

10. Blackbox Express Keylogger

Blackbox Keylogger can provide the best security monitoring platform as security monitoring tool. It keeps track records of the websites visited, any kind of voice mails, Skype, seizure the screenshots, and would also log the keystrokes. One of the drawbacks of BlackBox Express is that it could be easily found in the Task Manager. Despite it should be password protected.

11. Ardamax Keylogger

Ardamax claims it as the number one monitoring tool available on the Internet. Compatible with Windows 10, Ardamax Keylogger records the screenshots, voice and video recording and also logs the clipboard. It also records all types of keystrokes, hidden characters and does the same function for passwords. This means that if you want to acquire a certain password that your friend is using to keep his/her files hidden from you, Ardamax Keylogger will give you that option.

12. Myjad Keylogger

It is recommended to try Myjad Keylogger once as it keeps big consumer market especially the business community. Compatible with Windows XP, 7 32-bit and 64-bit and more importantly on the IOS this keylogger provides excellent security monitoring environment.

13. Ultimate Keylogger

Another free Keylogger in order to keep track of all type of activities on any computer whether it is online or offline, Ultimate Keylogger monitors the passwords, voice and video emails, passwords, and the websites that are visited during that particular time.

Free Keyloggers for Windows 10

Portable Keyloggers and the necessary measures how to secure will be written after.




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