Four Emerging Technologies That Will Bring Exciting Change in Future (Espacially Artificial intelligence)


Artificial intelligence seems as  fast development in technology but still the challenges related to AI technology, the way of people interaction with it are issues. In term of technology, exiting innovation will happen in 2016 espacially in Artificial intelligence that is already facilitating human being. The exiting thing about technology is that you feel that you are in other place/world. Its experience always looks different from previous. However I have chosen four technologies that will make splash in 2016.



A natural focus for the wearables goes on the smart devices.  After the release of Apple’s smart watch, after Google glass people are looking for next device that will get more interaction. We can imagine that it was just indicator of great things, which will appear in 2016. Wearable technology can offer a lot of benefits to improving health, cost saving for business, modern life style and for consumer efficiencies.


Fitbits track your activity and encourage you to be more active, through the software, connecting it to your Smartphone.  Fitbits will be launched in 2016 that will track a human’s health and its activity. Sportswear will help to track correct your gait and form. Wearable clothes will helpful to track your loved ones, these will called people tracker and will change ones color based mood. Fitbits turn a man to healthier human being. These wearables keep a lot data of you activities. Fitbits are designed in such shapes so you can slide it easily in your pocket or may adjust it in your wrist. At the time when you are sleeping Fitbits will monitor your sleeping quality and position on bed.

Workplace Wearables

Everyone use his own Smartphone at workplace, where someone has job. If a person is working in a major company will prefer to use its own device for health care and financial benefits. Health care is going to be a major battleground for wearable technology, in future.

Payment Wearables

Payment Wearables enables you to save time of going to bank or having cash in your pocket. Payment Wearables is easy to implement and we will see it in all sort of places in upcoming year.  Jawbone UP4 is the best Payment Wearables having mobile payment capabilities in retailer participating.

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is already a part of knowledge based scientific movies. In real world we have already AI Robots that are working for us. Many of the AI machines are facilitating human being. Artificial intelligence is changing our live since last decade, but never felt ubiquitous as now. Here question arises that will it make true all of the dreams about Artificial Intelligence? Or will destroy the world as well?.

Here are some points that researchers define about future of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Pieter Abbeel (computer Scientist at University of California) says: that AI Robots will keep us safe especially from disaster, response in dangerous situation as nuclear meltdown in power plant.
  • Shimon Whiteson (professor at University of Amsterdam) says: we will become cyborgs in future as human and computer is quickly becoming one tightly coupled cognitive unit. Shimon  says that may be the future computer our friend and it may our enemies also.
  • Yoky Matsuoka (former Vice President of Technology at Nest) says: AI will make humans better at everything as becoming really assistant for human.

Artificial Intelligence can be measured as making machine that will behave in practical responsive way. These machines are already changing real world in the term of Robots, Drones, AI apps, AI Drives and many more.

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Some uses of Artificial intelligence in current era that will be more advance in future are as follow:

  • AI Robots: Artificial intelligence Robots can takes place of human as we can see already, Article Writer Robots, Google’s Robot involve in discussion, vacuum cleaner Robots and Robots Working as waiter.
  • AI Drive: self drive cars are based on Artificial intelligence and are programmed to capable the facility of driver.
  • AI Drone: are used for many purposes like to have an eye on you loved one, to capture your position with selfie maker Robot, to attack your
  • Killer Robot: are facilitated for defend as a soldier. Killer Robots are designed to think and are programmed as decision maker machine. These Robots will be the part of future military. This is the negative impact of AI killer Robots is that it can also attack on its founder.
  • Robophilia: A future of AI Robot that will involve in human’s sexual activity. Roophilia will be the part of our lives in next decades.

I thing Artificial Intelligence will soon be the part our daily life.

Mobile Payment

Emerging-Technology-Mobile Payments
Emerging-Technology-Mobile Payments

Mobile phones are now imagine as literal extension of our body because number of their use. Everyone of us has one or more Smartphones in our pocket. The next use of smart technology will be mobile payment, and will appear early in western countries. No need to carry credit card or cash, cash payment will be done by Showing up your mobile to the cashier machine and latter verify by pin code or your fingerprint on your mobile.  Commerce transactions and E-Commerce process will be revolutionized by mobile wallet and will make us more dependent on mobile phones.

How after mobile wallet will be the part of our economy? Researchers reveals their report in which they define that 18% people don’t know what it is, 15% don’t know about the point and other 15% have no idea, how to use. Most people wish to use their banking on their mobile phones, as sending and receiving money to someone and always be notified on mobile phone throughout transaction.

Mobile Wallet is future gear up as a big digital revolution.

3D Printing

3D printing is a simple concept but required a long time to fructify. In 2015 many of the uses for 3D p


rinting are unveiled as 3D printer burger, Guns and Body parts. 2016 will be the year when its possibilities will endless. The processes of 3D printing have reduced time, it took for designer to conceptualize, create, and test prototypes.  Stratasys Direct Manufacturing publishes its report in august 2015, they describe that 3D printing seeming as technology solution but its future will be business solution. SDM is a 3D­printer manufacturing company.

Report says 3D printing as Business solution; here question is this how it is? Allison writes in the report, the growth in 3D printing over the next three years will come in “end use” production.

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The development phase of 3D printing in manufacturing companies will involve 3D printer to printing out of rapid prototype that will end up as final product after additive process. Some industries are already using this process as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory installed parts 3D printed for outer space. People are looking for this technology as technology solution.

Tahir khan, student of I.T from Okara keeps strong dedication towards learning through implementing latest web technologies. He works as Article Writer and Beta tester at ComputingCage. His interests include Graphics and social media advertisement, creative writings and he is also a member with ISOC.


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