Forus Voice Phone Recorder


Forus Voice Phone Recorder

Forus Voice Recorder

The Forus voice phone recorder DR7500 is a true conversation recorder equipped with the service giving you extended and clear recording through extended 4GB of memory. There are many related recording devices  than question might be which one is the most appropriate? There may constitute many features that enable this recorder unique is the automatic Telephone Recording feature called TOR (Telephone line Operated Recording). This function allows the recorder to record conversation and playback later. When used with your landline telephone, the recorder will power down (stand-by) when you hang up and power on when you pick up extending the life of the batteries. All other telephone recorders continue to use the batteries even when they are in VOR (Voice Activation recording). The sensitivity to sound/voice can also be adjusted.

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Salient Features

• Voice operated.
• 20 hours of recording time on 2x AAA batteries.
• Large LCD Display for easy set up.
• Powers off when you hang up and powers on when you answer the phone to save power.
• Adjustable sensitivity and sound.
• 4GB of internal memory.
• Up to 270 hours of record time.
• Voice activated recording.
• No Battery Drain when connected to a telephone.
• Auto power off when not in use.
• File search plays first 7 seconds of each file.
• Earphone allows for hearing aid use.
• All in one menu button.
• Time indicator for recording remaining.
• Vibration mode for discreet recording.
• Quick message search.
• Repeated playback.
• Microphone sensitivity adjustment.
• USB interface.
• 4GB internal memory.

Package Includes

• Digital Recorder
• 2 AAA batteries
• Lanyard
• Telephone cord
• Telephone recording adapter
• USB Cable
• Microphone
• Ear Buds
• DVR manager CD
• Instruction book


• 1-Year Spy Tec Limited Warranty.
• Products purchased online or from an authorized retailer and under warranty qualify for an exchange with a valid receipt.
• Warranty service is handled entirely by SpyTec.


In short, Forus voice recorder is smart choice to record conversion on phone, mobile, laptop and voice on demand. Be informed that recording voice is unethical and should be dealt under regulations.

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