First Plane Totally Developed by 3D Printer


First Plane Totally Developed by 3D Printer

The 3D technology has made remarkable progress in recent years after 2010 and we have witnessed many stuff made through 3D printers. Recently a total 3D printer build plane has been presented in an air show held in Germany. This was an excellent and marvelous piece of art in this show. This plane is developed by European air bus company Thor (Testing High Tech Objectives in Reality). This plane got attention of almost every participant. So lets see detail view of first plane totally developed by 3D printer.

First Plane Totally Developed by 3D Printer

Technical Detail

This 3D designed plane is very light weight of just 21kg and can fly without pilot (just works as drone of UAV) with length of 4 meters carrying no window. Initially this plane is developed in special white color and experts believe that this small step can have potential to change many aspects of future aviation technology. Of course it will trigger towards light weight, cost effective planes and their parts in short time. If alternative fuel (alternate to Carbon fuel) technology is developed successfully then we can have really cost effective planes in no time.

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The 3D printing technology has been successfully employed in many devices and tools in many areas other than aviation. In this 3D made plane, all internal parts have been developed using 3D technology while external parts are made through chemical of Poly-amine.

First Plane Totally Developed by 3D Printer

Other Devices can Also be Made Through 3D Printing

It was also observed in the Berlin air show that if a plane can be developed using 3D printing technology than other areas can have benefits from it. Other tools and stuff can also be developed after extending its capabilities. The Chief Engineer from Thor has view that smart plane developed through 3D Printers is capable of very stable and secure flight. It experimental flights have been tested through a serious of such tests in northern city of Hamburg in November 2015 and this plane has demonstrated very stable secure flight in the testing phases.

Boeing Already Using 3D Printing Technology

It is another fact that other aviation companies are also using 3D technology including Boeing. The Boeing has used this technology in Air Bus A350 and B787 Dream lines. Experts have views that we do not need or less need to combine smaller parts using this technology. Such planes would be more light weight up to 30-50%. Previously 3D printers have successfully been using in manufacturing of different parts even including the complete car.

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