Facebook would release Stories for desktop users


Facebook would release Stories for desktop users

Facebook Stories

The global social media giant Facebook would not like to miss Facebook Stories this time. Few others have already gained popularity and possess millions of daily users. If Facebook would join Stories then I would have potential to surpass others. Currently, Facebook has 10 times more users and according to Statista, Facebook has crossed 1.33 billion active users that come online daily. So there are good opportunities if Facebook would release Stories for desktop users.

  • Instagram: 250 million daily users
  • Snapchat: 166 million daily users

Reports suggest that Facebook Stories are available for desktop users. But this service is limited to few customers and Facebook is testing before releasing to the big community. If trials generate good results then it might be available for other users as well. Instagram and Snapchat have proved that Stories have become the successful project. Both have limited users but Facebook possesses more than a billion users.

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Snapchat has tested on smartphone users and Instagram has the desktop version but it lakes to watch Stories. Facebook users may watch Stories through the mobile platform as well. Facebook could not guess exactly how many users might be satisfied with Stories. Perhaps some specific type of users might use new features significantly.

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