Facebook New Modular Smartphone


Facebook New Modular Smartphone

First Facebook Smartphone

Global social media giant Facebook is working on the modular mobile phone similar to project ARA of Google. New reports suggest that Facebook is secretly considering deeper design specifications of modular smartphones. The social media giant Facebook has filed an application for the patents in this regard. Actually traditional smartphones have become the common norm and people want to have a changed smartphone which can be modularized according to user needs. Customers want to extend some features of hardware and modularity provides such solutions. ComputingCage has published an article on Google Modular Phone. Anyhow Facebook new modular smartphone will occupy good phone market. There is no doubt that modular phone may last long.

Google Stopped Modular Smartphone

Project ARA Changed

Before Facebook modular phone, Google has announced to design modular phone under project ARA which was stopped. Project Ara was supposed to consist of hardware modules providing common smartphone parts, such as processors, displays, batteries, and cameras, as well as modules providing more specialized components, and “frames” that these modules were to be attached to, Wikipedia writes.

It seems many people working in Project ARA have now joined the new team of the Facebook modular project in building no.8 and be noted this building is dedicated to developing patent applications besides other services. Some rumor and unauthentic resources suggest that modular phone is being developed which will be equipped with cutting-edge camera technologies using machine learning algorithms. The new devices may also be used effectively including the smart speaker or Amazon Echo speaker.

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