Facebook is making modular smartphone


Facebook Modular Smartphone

Previously Google was working on a modular smartphone which it left without reason. The modular smartphone is nice customer choice to change phone parts on demand. So such phones are also called mobile phone on demand. In modular phones, you may change memory, camera, and other components. Hence you are not needed to replace the whole phone set. Rather you may change any component of the phone compatible with it. The news came from global social media giant Facebook is making modular smartphone. There can be constituted numerous benefits of such modular phones.

See Reasons why Google Quitted Modular Smartphone

Google Module Phone

It is really time needed the mobile phone and Facebook has taken an absolutely right decision. Mobile phone market has been saturated with similar features of hardware so there was a need to change some hardware components according to the customer needs. Facebook is earning good amount and this project will put Facebook among global tech leaders of the world. So news reports suggest that Facebook is working on Project Ara-style modular smartphone and submits own patent to be a more long lasting device.

According to Dezeen, this patent, filed by Facebook in January but published on 20 July, details a “modular electromechanical device” made up of a chassis and a number of detachable components. The device would also allow users to replace specific parts of the phone when they become outdated or broken.

There can be numerous benefits of modular phone

Phone Blocks Google

Experts in the field have paid tribute to this innovation. However, Facebook has not given an official statement about the new device. The head of this project Building 8 has been the part of Google modular phone project. It is also rumored that Facebook may change the name of its first smartphone by some new name.

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