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There are almost 3,062,441+ Android quality apps on Google Store and recent few months have shown low-quality apps are dominating. Hundreds of categories are available in the store and almost all types of apps are online or you may download. Out of 1 million total apps, there are 90% apps are for free and only a fraction of 10% are paid apps. Under top 10 Android categories, top three categories are Education (total 243,000 and 215,000 are paid apps), Lifestyle, and Entertainment respectively. Today ComputingCage would like to present some good face recognition Android apps for free.

Gesture based authentication system

Emojis will be used for authentication

Secret Password keep more secret

Face Recognition App List

Face Recognition Android Apps


The BioID app provides ideal authentication mechanism through modern biometric authentication (on mobiles) to their mobile platforms or alternatively they may use few lines of code. BioID could be the perfect app for employees for attendance, authorize transactions securely and be recognized. Currently, 5000+ installs have been noted by BioID.

"Developers and companies can easily add secure, convenient face recognition to their mobile platform without any knowledge of biometrics", BioID commented.

Face Recognition Android Apps

Eye Localization

Eye Localization application provides in camera surveillance while the camera is capturing in real time based on a computer vision algorithm. The algorithm makes use of OpenCV (open computer vision) for face detection. Other salient features include:

  • Eye typing,
  • Smart scrolling
  • Spoof-proof face unlock
  • Estimation of gaze direction for driver assistance

Other Android face detection and recognition apps are presented below.

  • Live Face Detection
  • Face Detection and Recognition
  • OpenCV Face Detection
  • FaceDetection
  • Face Recognition SDK Demo
  • Simple OpenCV Face Detection
  • Lock Face Phone

Research Paradigm

The journal "Information Processing in SensorNetworks" has suggested that face recognition is an element of many smartphone apps, e.g. face unlocking, people tagging and games. Sparse Representation Classification (SRC) is a state-of-the-art face recognition algorithm, which has been shown to outperform many classical face recognition algorithms in OpenCV.

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