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Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

An elegant wrist watch is great for official events, dinner gatherings and is a useful accessory suitable for a casual day out. The kind of watch you wear influences out the kind of person you are, whether you are one with an excessive sense of style, with luxurious taste, favor things simple and minimalist or will go all out for purpose over form. These watches though are in a class of their own. let us have brief overview of some of exclusive  digital wrist watches below:

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Ritmo Mundo Reflex

Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

Ritmo Mundo has left back in time and twisted this slap-on armlet watch called the Reflex. An entire of 28 LED`s brighten up to express you the time or date upon the hit of a button. It’s relatively modest to read, the left column presents the hour and PM/AM, whereas the right column expresses the minutes. It derives in 15 different color options.


Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

The idea behind QLOCKTWO W is to tell the time with words in spite of numbers. Except the 2 dissimilar colors, the watch is also sold in Spanish, French and German. The time isn’t displayed all the time so you’ll have to hit the single button on the side to display the date and time or grip it down to set the time and date.

LED Binary Watch

Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

The Individual sells these binary watches that is pretty simple to read but includes basic addition for you to determine the time. The topmost row of LEDs displays the hour though the end row displays the minutes. Adding up the numbers that are lit up gives you the time.


Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

This analog watch features an outer ring that tells you the hour while the inner ring displays the minutes. Though there’s a 2nd hand, you won’t be capable to perfectly count minutes as there are no minute markings. Uzumaki converts to whirlpool.

Space Digits

Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

Space Digits watch is like an arcade game with 3D channels. Reading from left to right will express you the time. Though reading from the top down provides you the date. It has a built-in alarm, a hind light and a 3D moving picture that plays each 15 minutes.

Optical Illusion

Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

You might want some time to get familiar reading the optical illusion or you can each time select to ‘cheat’ by hitting the 4 touch-sensitive corners of the display. That`s as well where you can set an alarm, use the hind-light feature and display the date.

Nooka Zub 20

Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

This is a sole watch that arises with a lot of colors and exceptional editions. The dots organized in a circle expresses you the hour however the lowermost line fills up to display you the minutes. The small box sums the number of seconds whereas the dots display the AM/PM. The watch also features an alarm and chronograph approach.

Mute watch

Exclusive Digital Wrist Watches

I’ve featured the Mute watch and it now move toward with even further colors. The watch is touch and motion-sensitive where you can riffle your wrist or hit the face to express the time, filching the face allows you steer the menus. It as well features a vibration alarm and uses a battery that can be charged via USB.

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