Employee Monitoring Software is Essential?


Employee Monitoring Software is Essential?

iMonitor EAM

There might be a violation of privacy or personal involvement if your employer company would monitor your activities during office hours. Employee Monitoring Software is Essential? Employee Monitoring Software (EMS) is a means of staff monitoring and allows company administrators to keep track of performance and organize all its staff members or computers through a central location. Example of employee monitoring software is iMonitor EAM from the company iMonitorSoft. The company claims 260 degrees centralized employee software.

iMonitor EAM is a central employee monitoring solution, observe & monitor everything they do on the PC & INTERNET in real-time. iMonitor EAM allow you invisibly monitor all workers pc & internet activities from one central position, like as email, time message, keystrokes, screenshots, documents in print, FTP file transferred, websites visited, applications used, etc, it also can block specific website and application on employee’s computer. a lot more than on top of, iMonitor EAM will be perfect staff monitoring software for business which saves office work time and improves effectiveness noticeably. In result, it produces increased productivity, prevention from the confidential crisis, guarantee data security and quick investigation of employees.

iMonitorSoft made some research and presented results as:

70% data stolen incidents from internal employees
55% revenue lost due to internal fraud
57% expenses on labor dispute
85% work time taken up for personal affairs

Trends, Scope & Benefits

Complete Internet & PC Monitoring

Every side of PC usage is monitor and record at the workplace level provided that you with important information about how your office PCs are creature used.

Scalable Architecture

The flexible design or Architecture of iMonitor EAM allow your monitor and observation capability to increase as your company grows.

Rapid Deployment

Remote operation tools make installation, configuration and current data collection easy.

Data Security & Integrity

With a multi-level user account, possible file encryption for Email Attachments and snap files, and a centralized database, iMonitor EAM offers multiple layers of security for your record data.


Allocate roles to those using iMonitor EAM to limit their views when monitoring positive employees or departments. For example, you can limit the view of a front-line manager so he sees only the data collected from the employees in his department.


You can create modified charts and reports to address the specific needs of your institute.

Information Accessibility

There are more than 70 built-in charts and reports that can be generated rapidly in order.


However monitoring in any form existed in all ages. Today, it is evitable for big corporations and multinational companies. The technology continues to develop, allows more functions to be implemented in the place of work.

One thing surely will not change in the upcoming years. As employer has always in some way monitors the performance of his employees, so they would continue to do the same. As his monitoring requirements are satisfied through such software hence productivity of the company would definitely increase.

Employee Monitoring Software is Essential?

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