Emojis as Password Authentication


Emojis as Password Authentication

Emojis as Passcode

It is a pretty good idea to secure your password using emojis. The use of text password that is normally the combination of alphanumeric and special characters provides comparatively less security as more and more advanced methods of decryption exist. Why not use the idea of using emojis as password authentication. Emojis have become an integral part of our daily chat in Facebook, Google Hangout, WhatsApp or any messenger. There exist hundreds of emojis that can provide excellent security protection for the password. These emojis used as passcode are comparatively easy to remember.

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Emoji Password App

These emojis have become text chat easy and understandable. Less time is needed to express emotions using emojis. The expression of feeling and emotions have made easy. You would also be using more or less the same emojis. Soon you will be using emojis as the password. Experts are planning to design such a system that may use emojis to log in. Using this system you would not longer need to enter a complex password. Rather you may select some combination of emojis from the list of hundreds of emojis. The functioning principle is quite simple. You simply have to enter the already chosen combination of emojis to lock and unlock your system.

Emojis as Password Authentication

Currently, you have a long list of emojis password apps mainly for the Android and some of these are listed below:

  • Emoji Password Pro Lock
  • Emoji Lock Screen
  • Emoji and Smiley Lock Screen
  • Emoji Lock Screen APK

Emojis as authentication would be more secure?

It seems gone are the days when people will be using patterns, fingerprint, eyes retina or other biometrics as  cost some of these are higher. Experts working in this system stronglhy believe that such system would be more secure as compared to the traditional system of character combination. You would have to choose from A-Z, 0-9 with upper and lower case and special characters. Conversely you would have a long list of different emojis to be used to access your phone, computer or other electronic devices

Customer Feedback

Different password protection apps are available online while you should put emojis on pictures online. Research trials have shown that use of Emojis to lock or unlock the system is more user friendly as compared to the traditional authentication method. Customers have shown positive interest in the trial experiments. But be careful pretty simple combination of emojis would be a great disaster as well.

Research Paradigm

A novel research method has been introduced in Communication of the ACM that has proposed a method of user password authentication which is secure even if an intruder can read the system’s data, and can tamper with or eavesdrop on the communication between the user and the system. The method assumes a secure one-way encryption function and can be implemented with a microcomputer in the user’s terminal.

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