DDoS Major Cyber Weapon


DDoS Major Cyber Weapon

Major Cyber Weapon

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is an attack which can exploit operating system resources. Mostly DDoS attack to make online services unavailable. Hackers make these services unavailable to its controller by overwhelming it from multiple sources. They target banks and important news websites hence presents a major challenge to access information. These attacks can be made even on most protected computers. One of the most recent DDoS threat was employed when popular Internet websites were offline even Twitter and eBay services previous Friday. DDoS major cyber weapon can be posed in cyber warfare.

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Such DDoS attacks may implant huge damage in the world of Internet. This attack leverages Lightweight Directory Access Protocol to efficiently amplify DDoS attack. A variety of reasons are there behind DDoS attacks, hackers do that because they want to get negative achievements or just to see service offline (script kiddies) or to blackmail them.
Gaming Networks and Gambling Websites are always high profile target of these attacks. Hackers knows that if an attacker would gain access to gambling sites or gaming networks it might generate ransom to stay online.
Linux operating system often victim of DoS attack and recently an attack could be launched to exploit using some weakness in the internal structure. Dirty Cow vulnerability was found in Linux version 2007 and since than such threat was present in the kernel code. Luckily very few attacks know such weakness and a research from a security firm investigated the bug in the code.

Detail could be found here: Dirty Cow Vulnerability in Linux Kernel.

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