Cyber Attack on Project Solar Panels


Cyber Attack on Project Solar Panels

Attack on Project Solar Panels

Internet of Things (IoT) provides a close network to allow the connected device to share information preferably for PAN. Imagine your coffee machine will start brewing fresh coffee at the time of your arrival in the evening. Devices connected with IoT network are remarkably beneficial for the elderly population and the patients. Omni benefits may arise some issues especially attack from hackers. So security threats associated with IoT devices is the serious issue. Also, be informed that IoT is the huge market of the future when billions of electronic devices will be servicing mankind. So cyber attack on project solar panels could be devastating in the future and necessary immediate measures are needed now.

Future of IoT is absolutely bright

Attack on Solar Panel

What will happen if electrical power will be down due to attack on solar panels? Yes, it may happen as experts believe one could attack to gain unauthorized access to the electricity network as they have least cyber security measures. Solar panel tech is evolving rapidly but they are still prone to sophisticated security attacks for many reasons. Willem Westerhof told the BBC that he has found 17 vulnerabilities in inverters, which convert electricity produced by the panels so it can be used on the grid. The attackers could potentially gain remote access. So there are serious security concerns to IoT especially Solar Panels.

There are increased trends to violate security measures, especially via the Internet. Vulnerabilities are exposed sources or places of attack which can be exploited. Risks are vulnerabilities before the attack and Attack happen when vulnerabilities or risks are exploited. No software is bug-free so it may produce software security violation or attack.

Machine Learning Can Safeguard

Yes, algorithms designed using techniques of machine learning can effectively safeguard the solar panel data. Machine data have a definitive record of all activities of applications and networks. So different diagnostic commands can decrease security threats. This is comparatively a new approach to quickly diagnose service problems, detect security threats and monitor remote data.

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