Convert Your Android Phone into Laptop


Convert Your Android Phone into Laptop

Today mobile phones possess almost same hardware that was used few years ago in home computers. It is also fact that same benefits of computers cannot achieved from computers but still these hand held devices can provide such handy benefits that big computers cannot do. Especially a user specific to checking email, browsing and chatting has replaced laptop with smartphone. Convert Your Android Phone into Laptop.

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How to convert smartphone into computer

However you should also know that a mid range to powerful smartphone can be converted into complete computer. For this you would need Android powerful operating system Andromium. After installation you smartphone will become computer.

Using Andromium, Bluetooth mouse and keyboard can also be attached with smartphone. Specifically Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset and minimum 2GB RAM are required along with Android Lollipop.

Andromium is an interesting project and many works are underway. Funding can be provided for this project on kick starter website to construct a shell for a special laptop. The cost of empty shell is round about $99. When Andromium carry smartphone will connect with this special laptop it will provide interface of original laptop computer.

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If you want to convert your smartphone into laptop then install Andromium app from Google PlayStore. When you will install, it will require App Usage Access, click OK. Next notification will come to allow for next along with settings for resolution and battery. Click Normal and OK. Now installation is complete and you may use it easily. You will see your smartphone will work as normal tablet or computer.

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