Come Back of Nokia 3310


Come Back of Nokia 3310

New Nokia 3310

Nokia is likely to bring back its legendary phone 3310 in the market. A refurnished classic feature phone will be released soon when HMD unveils its new range of Nokia branded devices at Mobile World Congress. Previously it was released in 2000, at that time 3310 was most beloved phone due to hardness, long battery life and the classic Snake game. Let us talk in detail about refurbished company phone come back of Nokia 3310 and some facts will base on rumor reports.

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The legendary phone was so delicious mobile with durable hardware and long lasting battery life. Nokia first 3310 included include a clock, calculator, reminder, and 4 pre-installed games. Popular games were Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and some others. Although original Nokia 3310 is still available on Amazon, not by the company.

How Nokia 3310 will work now, here is detail. The Nokia 3310 will be able to calls and send text messages. Nokia 3310 will not include a camera and internet services. It will reserve endless battery life that every user wants. It is not clear but possibly 3310 may introduce some features of phones such as internet connection and apps.

This new refurnished budget mobile phone 3310 may be announced at the Mobile World Congress trade-show in Barcelona on 26 Feb 2017. Hopefully we will see some new smartphones from Nokia this year.

HMD, the Finnish startup which secured 10-year commitment will roll out its first smartphones on February 26 with the updated 3310. HMD said “These have been designed to be recognizable as Nokia devices and “take the clutter away”.
After struggle Nokia bring its brand smartphone into the Android era and ended up to sold it Microsoft devices. Moreover Nokia is bringing back updated versions of old phones, including the Nokia 215 after Nokia 3310.

The refreshed Nokia 3310 is expected to set customers back some €59.


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