Canon 250 Megapixels


Canon 250 Megapixels
Canon 250 Megapixels

Electronic company Canon is working day and night on new researches in its research and development lab. Canon is more serious about resolution technology. Earlier before Canon was introduced a camera which can capture color HD video in Dark room. Canons now produce a sensor of 250 megapixels. An interesting thing is this that human eye has resolutions of 576 megapixels. This sensor of Canon is so tinny that it can easily be adjusted in DSLR cameras. So the company has successfully introduced Canon 250 Megapixels state of the art camera.

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This new APS-H sensor is being said to be the world's highest resolution CMOS sensor about its size. This sensor is so powerful; it can read the lettering on the side of Aircraft from 18 kilometers away (mean capability of Ultra fast signal read out 1.25 billion pixels). This sensor can capture an image or record a video with resolutions of 125% more over 1080 or 1920 x 1020 pixels camera.

This device with highest resolution has 30% more resolution against 3840 x 2160 consumer’s device of current modern era. Video of 20 seconds through this sensor will require 1GB storage capacity; mean a video of 13 minutes will reserve 1TB of Hard Disk memory.


The size of this sensor is 1.15 x 0.79 which is smaller over 35mm sensor found in digital cameras. This size can be made bigger but bigger sensor can create more problems over tiny one. It means large sensor size is unnecessary because small sensor is a batter option. On the sensor individual pixels are about 1.5 microns. This size is approximately same as found in consumer cameras. This sensitive sensor will fulfill the future expectation about Digital life.

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Cameras that will capable of this sensor may be very costly for consumer’s market; therefore Canon has a plan to use this sensor in other departments for specialized surveillance of technology. Canon will use this sensor in vigilant departments and in industrial equipments. This sensor will be used in crime controlling tools. It’s very special use can be in hospital’s X-ray machines. In these machines this sensor will replace photo graphic plates that are used for image capturing.

This sensor is still far from market if canon will manage 120 Megapixels sensor in 2018 then this sensor will be available at 2023. Canon describes this is thanks to advancement in enhanced signal processing technology and in circuit miniaturization. This sensor is the impressive step in the way of digital world technology.

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