Brain Vs Artificial Intelligence


Brain Vs Artificial Intelligence
Brain Vs Artificial Intelligence

Brain is a vital organ of human nervous system protected by the skull. Brain is a source of human intelligence. Human Intelligence is completely God gifted. Intelligence is differently perceived and differently acquired. Human Intelligence is natural Blessing of Almighty. Here is a comparison between Brain Vs Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Find Software Bugs

However Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed by the humans to incorporate human qualities into machines. It is based on making a robot or machine that behaves like human. It is also concerned with giving the decision making power to machine. E.g. Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems and Intelligent Systems.

AI Agreement

Sometime ago, researchers studying AI came up with an agreement that an intelligent computer should be intelligent enough to interconnect with humans without being known as a machine. Many tests have been performed on computer and humans in a room. The performance of computer programmers is getting enhanced, and computers have been getting broader communication, but no computer has passed this test.

How to distinguish between ChatBot or Human

It is challenging to tell whether a human or a computer generates genuine messages. Before this issue is explored in detail, it is convenient to consider common answers we get. Telephone call can be handled by a person or by a computer. After dialing the corporate number, what happens when the call is answered by a person:

Conversation Between Computer and Human

"Assalam O Alaikum” Sir?"
"Welcome to PTCL customer care services."
"Good Morning. This is Ahmad. Sir, How Can I help you?
"Your status is being check. Hold the line, please."
"Your issue is Resolved Allah Hafiz."

What happens, when our call is handled by a machine or computer, the common responses are these:

“Welcome to PTCL Customer Services.…"
“Urdu ke liya 1 dabain. For English press two …”
"Make your choice from the following menu …”
"Press 3 for Landline, Press 4 for wireless Services…. "
"Your complain has been recorded thanks."

So a computer is easily judged and can be deceived. Researchers need to study the actual happenings of events and their origin in the brain. Many aspects of brain are yet unknown and if people would explore them, it will come up with a new world of knowledge and wisdom.

  • Human Intelligence is analogue and works in the foam of signals while Artificial Intelligence is digital and works in the form of numbers.
  • Human brain use its own schema and content memory But A.I use only built-in memory designed by scientist.
  • Human brain does have body but their Brain is no body.
  • Human Intelligence is greater and wider but A.I is little and temporary as it is named Artificial.
  • Human Intelligence more reliable as compared to A.I.
  • Sensible reasoning and critical thinking but in A.I fast response. The ability to perform large calculations quickly.

There is a huge dissimilarity between true Intelligence and A.I. Scientists are trying their best to make best Artificial Intelligence devices and technologies and it is really a big world of science.

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