BlackBerry into Driverless Cars


BlackBerry into Driverless Cars

BlackBerry into Driverless Cars

BlackBerry is a classic phone maker (a traditional phone maker with QWERTY keypad) and is one of the top Smartphone vendors in Canada. From previous few months BlackBerry has been refocusing its efforts away from smartphones. They plan to bring a major change in their production and are ready for new invention.  Like Google and other companies, BlackBerry wants to develop self driving cars to enhance their business so you may see Blackberry into driverless cars market in near future.

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QNX Software for Own Driverless Cars

BlackBerry is famous because of its Keyboard enabled Smartphones. From government of the Canadian province of Ontario, BlackBerry receives an approval for constructing self driving vehicle that means company will soon start manufacturing their vehicles for initial testing. In order to increase or maintain market share, the Smartphone Company is focusing on other areas especially in its QNX software. Almost 40 automobile companies are now using its QNX software. QNX powers the 3D navigation systems that could be seen in many modern cars, as BlackBerry said that it is now available in 60 million vehicles worldwide.

With Ford

Recently Blackberry has signed a deal with Ford that is already using QNX software in their self deriving vehicles. From now two companies will work together to create the next generation self-driving cars within the next few years. Earlier this year Ford was happy to announce that in next five years they will put their fully autonomous vehicles on the road.

John Chen CEO BlackBerry

John Chen is a chief executive at BlackBerry, he said that the future of the automobile is all about embedded intelligence and secure embedded software made them the top choice for automakers to create the next Generation automobiles. He also said that I believe our expertise in secure embedded software makes us the good technology provider in smart car. Ford and BlackBerry did not reveal detail about the scope of the software in customer point of view.

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