Black Network


Black Network

Red Negra

Red Negra is the content of the World Wide Web that exists in black networks. superimposed systems that use the Internet.But that require special programming, configuration or approval to access it.The Dark canvas forms a small part of the deep canvas. The part of the web that is not indexed in web trackers. Although sometimes the term canvas is used incorrectly to refer specifically to the dark canvas.
Dark networks that make up the black network include small distributed partner-to-roommate systems. Addition to widely-known and well-known systems such as Tor, Freenet, and I2P.operated by associations and open people.

Scientists from the US Marine Research Laboratory download the first form of Tor (“The Onion Router“). which covers the area and the IP address of the customers who download the product. Initially, with the intention of securing the identity of US agents and dissidents in oppressive nations such as China. Tor also has another natural group: the inhabitants of the black network.

Dark Network Media

The Wired magazine estimates that “dark network media circulates almost one million movies a day.” Driven by the transmission of explosive data.The underground system exploits in the invasion of discount copyright, the Hollywood box office hits to Microsoft Office. An IT research investigation Ask about IDC software piracy alone cost $ 34 billion in 2005.

Purposes of the use of the Black Network

Bitcoin services
Bitcoin administrations, for example, vessels are often accessible in Tor, and some, for example, Grams, offer dark and clean ads. An exploratory reflection on the attempt by Jean-Loup Richet, a reviewer of ESSEC, supplemented by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).Highlighted are new trends in the use of Bitcoin pallets for evasion illegal tax.

Markets of Red Negra

The commercial markets of black networks.That mediated in the transactions of illicit drugs and other merchandise.Attracted a significant coverage of the mass media, beginning with the popularity of the Silk Route. The market of Diablos and its later seizure by the judicial power Other markets sell software and weapons. It attempted to examine the price differences in the black market in relation to real or web-based prices.As well as conduct studies on the quality of goods received in the black network.

Black Network

Groups and piracy services

Many hackers offer their services exclusively or in groups. These bands include xDedic, hack discussion, trojan force, Mazafaka, dark0de and TheRealDealDeal darknet showcase. Some known to stalk and blackmail. Black cybercrime and computer hacking for foundations and money-related banks also offered in the black network. Many hacking meetings, for example, Code: Green also hackers recruit according to their abilities.


In many authentic and deceptive sites that guarantee used to ISIL (ISIS), including falsification seized in the Onymous Operation. Following the attacks in Paris in November 2015. Real site of this type is hacked to a group of anonymous associate programmers GhostSec and replaced an announcement of Prozac. The Islamist group Rawti Shax to observed working on the black canvas at given moment.

Latest news

The largest drug center in the world closed in the black network.The United States Department of Justice said. The AlphaBay Center allowed a large number of people to buy illegal drugs, said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
The police captured 108 people in one of the largest police operations ever carried out against pedophiles in South America. The equity server said that those who is guarded associated with the ring that is commonly explicit photos of young people on the web.

Advantages of the Black Web

Anonymity creates opportunities, which seems idealized. Unfortunately, it is also the nectar which attracts the whole criminal movement. that gives the black canvas such a terrible name. To accommodate anonymity like programs, for example, Tor (so easy to understand) we need to understand.


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