Biometric Data Could be Stolen from Your Photo


Biometric Data Could be Stolen from Your Photo

Many people already know they should not post confidential or personal information over social media. Privacy may violate from address, letters, airline tickets, job letters etc. Attackers may exploit such information for negative purpose. Your password, PIN code or security code is the most confidential information which you never be shared with anyone. Even you should not share previous passwords. Biometric Data Could be Stolen from Your Photo.

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You may think it safe to share your photo over social media. If you think so then you think wrong. Hackers can access such photos or file and track your biometric fingerprints. Hackers have developed such skills to attack with various biometric and pattern recognition techniques.

You should know Fingerprint is the key to access your smartphone in these days. Japanese National Institute of Informatics has the view; fingerprints could be accessed from photo at distance of up to 3 meters. This is not the first time that concerns are associated with Fingerprint. In 2015, Starbug Kressler, a famous hacker, has successfully extracted biometric information of eye of German Chancellor from her photo. Every eye has different patterns same as with fingerprints.

If attacker knows your PIN code or password of your email or mobile phone, then you may change to save both. But if attacker knows your fingerprint or eye retina pattern, then you may not change them. So biometric information is more confidential and you should make it more secure.

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