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Bill Gates Skills
Bill Gates Skills – ComputingCage

Bill Gates Stands Top in Wealth

The founder and CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates has become again the world’s richest man by acquiring total assets $76.3 billion. This report is published by the famous company Forbes in London and according to Forbes, the second richest person has become Amancio Ortega Gaona from Spain with $69.7 billion. Ortega is fashion tycoon and his famous fashion company is Inditex and he was at No. 4th previous year. The third position got another very famous and richest personality Warn Buffett with net assets $60 billion.

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This data is got from the Real-time assessment of the wealth for rich personality and many of them have invested in multiple sectors of industries and services. The Forbes report comprises of Winners and Losers this time as Carlos Slim got No. 4th from No. 2nd in real-time.

Brief Life History

The 60 years old Bill Gates is totally self-made person grown his own and his certain skills took him to this lead. These skills include intelligence, determination, devotion to profession and strong commitments. Unfortunately he was drop out from the Hardvard during studies yet it did not shake his dedication to learn new things. Bill Gates launched Microsoft 40 years ago with his friend Paul and now world’s more than 70% computers own Microsoft products.

Bill Gates Skills
Bill Gates Skills – ComputingCage

Bill Gates has Reasons

  1. Bill Gates & Malinda Trust

The philanthropist Bill Gates with his wife Malinda is really human with soft heart for others. They constituted the charity to fight against inequality and child poverty in the world and have spent almost $30 billion. If we skip Mark Zuckerberg announcement for giving away $45bn gradually, Bill Gates stood first in the list of most generous people of the world giving $27bn so far.

  1. Passionate Learners from Others

Warn Buffett is among his favorite persons from which he personally learnt a lot. He quoted “Warn has brilliant way of looking at the world”.  Bill Gates is humble and down to the earth and proves himself as man of learner from others.

Bill Gates Authoritarian Style
Bill Gates Authoritarian Style – ComputingCage
  1. Challenges & Determination

Bill Gates has faced many challenges during his 40 years of career in Microsoft. In the early times, Microsoft was successful but soon after this success, but after a while he faced financial crisis for some time. At that critical time, Gates stood firm and proved himself as man of determination & confidence.

  1. WOrld’s Richest is a Successful Entrepreneur

The world’s richest person Bill Gates started to learn the BASIC programming language when he was at early teen age and used the machine as a trade-off for maintaining equipment at that time. His interest for early age computing machines developed gradually when other kids wanted to play with others. Bill Gates life took a major turn when he established his entrepreneur with Paul in 1975 with $16000 revenue working with 3 employees. Microsoft had faced many financial crises during 1976’s and many companies have quit yet produced $22000 revenue. But this determined entrepreneur has witnessed 600 times growth rate is really incredible.

Helpful Feedback Bill Gates
Helpful Feedback Bill Gates – ComputingCage
  1. Autocratic, Communicative & Humble

The world’s richest person Bill Gates always ready to rush towards the employee who is need of some help in any case. He looks to have very soft hearted personality as he is running a charity to help people with inequality and kids with poverty. He is autocratic with skills of delegate powers to others for smooth functioning.

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